Behind the Scenes: Michael Schunke, Glass Artist

7 Oct

Back in September, you might have noticed that Chez Henri closed for a few days. We were getting a major makeover… shirtless men were in there building stuff while slowly wiping their brows with ice cold Cokes and everything. In addition to updating the basics (floors, walls, painting) we added some amazing pieces of art. Allow us to introduce you to Michael Schunke, the kick-ass glass artist who hand made all of our new light fixtures.

Michael Schunke at work in his NJ studio.

Michael started working with glass at 19 years old and fell in love with it. He studied his craft with master artists Michael Scheiner and Jack Wax before going on to work with Italian legend Lino Tagliapietra, a world-renowned artist featured in major museums across the globe.  Michael’s own work has been featured in top design magazines such as Veranda and Elle Decor, and can be viewed in galleries in the US as well as Denmark and Japan. We’re proud to say you can now sit and admire his work at our very own Chez Henri.

Chez Henri's fancy new lights, ready to be installed.

“The design team at Chez Henri was interested in simple shapes with an organic profile,” he said. “I worked through several drawings to reach designs that blended my aesthetic with their vision.”

Love his work? He does more than light fixtures! He says his favorite thing in the world to make is actually goblets.

“I work in collaboration with my partner, Josie Gluck, on a colorful and functional design collection for the home,” says Schunke. “Additionally, I use traditional Venetian techniques to make contemporary sets of goblets.”

Check out his website, where you can shop for your own home.


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