Behind the Scenes: Jennifer Glickman, Interior Designer

31 Oct

Interior Designer Jennifer Glickman at work. (photo courtesy of Jennifer Glickman)

If you’ve been by Chez Henri in the last month or so, you probably noticed the interior got about 100x cooler. Our chic new look is thanks to an amazing up-and-coming design star named Jennifer Glickman, whose work you may have already admired if you’ve visited Isabelle’s CurlyCakes (the Beacon Hill bakery of celeb chef Todd English). We chatted with Jen about design, our new look, and even got a great tip on how to keep it chic at home.

What inspired you to become a designer?

I was born with this obsession for design that goes back as far as I can remember. When a was a kid I would spend all of my allowance on art supplies to repaint the furniture and walls…that got me into some trouble at times. I would even draw tree fort plans on the back of my school worksheets and make the neighborhood boys build them!

The bar at Chez Henri (photo by Gabriel Rizzo,

What kind of feel/look were you going for with Chez Henri’s redesign? How’d you make it happen? 

The concept for the Chez Henri reno was not to make it look like a brand new renovation had just occured, but to refresh the space and polish it while maintaining the original concept of a French Cuban bistro that the community has loved for 16 years. So while there were a lot of new elements installed (furniture, lighting, flooring, etc), I created a palette that they still supports the original concept of the restaurant and Paul O’Connell’s creative mind and menu. The result is a more polished space with a difinitive separation between the Dining Room’s finer dining menu and the more casual bar.

Where else can we see your work besides Chez?

Curlycakes on Beacon Hill, Veronique renovation in Brookline, and State Room downtown are a few. I also work with architecture firms to design interiors for various universities, libraries, theaters – very large scale projects and I design residences around Boston and New England.

What inspires you? 

I’m inspired by everything I see around me. I’m constantly analyzing, deconstructing, and reinterpreting elements all around me into inspirations for my projects…I know…it’s definitely NOT normal! I can’t walk into a space without touching the materials and surfaces or examining connections or details…seriously, I can’t help it! I do draw upon my time spent studying architecture and design in Italy and traveling Europe, especially being in New England and designing in a lot of historic buildings.

Your apartment must be amazing. How would you describe your personal style?

I like to mix styles according to each personality, such as beautiful antiques along mid century modern pieces. It’s so dull to fill your home, office, etc. with the furniture showroom floor from just one vendor but more of a challenge (and more of a design success) to be creative with style mixes.

Can you come over and design my house?

Yes! I actually specialize in restaurant and residential. I’m working on some beautiful residences right now that I can’t wait to install.

Whats the biggest mistake people make when doing their own design?

They don’t consider their space as a whole. It’s easy to find something that you like and install it but you need to think of the design and vocabulary of your entire space. For example, if you are just replacing a piece of furniture or even lighting, think of how it relates to everything else in the space. Don’t just buy it because you like the way it looks on the shelf or in the catalog on its own, but buy it because you like it AND it speaks to the rest of your design. Capish? 

Visit for more info and to contact Jennifer.


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