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From the Bar: 4 Refreshing Holiday Gifts

9 Dec

Want to gift a nice bottle of something, but the liquor store makes you feel as lost as a dude in a bra shop? Robby K to the rescue! Chez Henri’s Bar Manager extraordinaire has shared four favorite tipsy tidings of joy.

Sparkling Wine: Segura Viudas Cava, This sparkling wine from Northeast Spain is a crisp alternative to champagne for 1/3rd of the price. Made from Macabeo, Paralleda and Xarello grapes this dry bubbly pairs well with food and it’s slightly lower alcohol content treats your head as nicely as your wallet.  ($9 ish)
Red Wine: Georges Dubouef, Morgon “Jean Descombes” 2009 Yes it’s beaujolais but it’s a world apart from the insipid beaujolais nouveau most folks associate with Dubouef. This 100% gamay from the Morgon appellation melds silky tannins with dark plummy fruit and is a perfect match for roast turkey. ($15 ish)
Rum: Angostura 1919 This smooth sipping rum from Trinidad and Tobego works perfectly in rum cocktails but is best appreciated on it’s own. With notes of caramel, citrus and white flowers, it’s worth swapping this for your end of the meal brandy. Pair it with bread pudding or a creme brulee and it goes to another level. ($30 ish)
Brandy: Clear Creek Distillers, Pear Brandy For those cold winter nights it’s hard to beat a bracing glass of brandy. Most of the best are French but this exquisite offering from Portland, Oregon rivals the best. Fresh Williams Pear, smells sweet but finishes clean and dry. Pairs well with a roaring fire or Masterpiece Mystery. ($40 ish – OR $80 ish for the “pear-in-the-bottle” version)
Happy Holidays–Robby K